Constructing A Wooden Fence

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Fences are used for a variety of purposes, from the aesthetically-pleasing white picket fences to eight-foot-tall privacy fences. There are a number of different techniques and materials which can be used to construct a fence, and a wooden fence made from posts and boards is one of the most rudimentary. Once erected, adding a simple varnish stain will complete an attractive and functional fence for your home or business.

Erecting a fence isn't rocket science, so if you're a bit handy you might want to give it a go yourself. Take your time to ensure you do a thorough job, or find professional help from someone who is experienced in constructing wooden fences.

Firstly, use stakes to mark out the boundary line, and this will help to guide you dig a hole to set the first post into. The hole should be around a third of the length of the pole, and should be filled with concrete once the fence post is in the perfect position. Initially, put some gravel down in the hole, followed by the fence pole. Fill in the gaps with concrete, and pack it down with a shovel. Use a spirit level to check the alignment of the post, and place the boards on them so you can get an idea of how far apart to place each fence post. Continue placing post in holes, packing the holes with concrete.

Let the concrete dry bedore you add vertical boards to the fence, and use a tape measure to ensure the precise distances between the top and bottom of the horizontal rails. Mark the distances on the fence posts using a pencil, before nailing the top and bottom rails onto them. Then the vertical boards can be attached to the rails. Measure the boards to ensure they are well-aligned, and nail them to the top and bottom rails. Once this is done it's time to add some stain, varnish or paint.

People decide to erect fences in their garden for a variety of reasons; to stop onlookers seeing in, to stop pets or kids getting out, to obscure an unfavourable view or simply to make a garden look smarter. If you're unsure about constructing the fence yourself, then turn to professionals for help, as getting the job done wrong can cost more time and money than employing an experienced professional to take care of it for you. There are many different types of fencing available, so you should always be able to find one which suits your functional and aesthetic requirements.
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Constructing A Wooden Fence

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This article was published on 2010/10/25